The Kaiser Library has more than sixty thousand books, documents, periodicals and manuscripts. This Library is richest in the collection of rare books, manuscripts, paintings, photographs, animals’ heads etc. This library, therefore is considered the best library in the country in terms of historical and archeological point of view. Entire collections are separated into three divisions:

Kaiser Collection

The Kaiser Collection covers a wide range of subjects- game hunting, gardening, traveling, astronomy, religion, history, philosophy, reference books, medicine, English, Hindi and Sanskrit literature, military strategy etc. All these books are kept in lines inside the metal cupboards on the ground floor and first floor. Similarly, it has valuable manuscripts and one thousand years old manuscript entitled “ Sahottar Tantra”, which is the most ancient work of the latest Lichhabi era.

Similarly, books in puran, Veda, Upanishada, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Geeta, Tantra, are in Sanskrit script.

Similarly, it has manuscripts (Lipugrabtga) of different languages and a thousand years old sahottar tantra (Vaisajya science). Because of the presence of old, rare and valuable books on different subjects and languages, it has been very useful to all types of readers and researchers.The library also has some special rare books and manuscripts believed to more then 1000 years old.

The books are classified by Dewey decimal classification (DDC). The collections are comprised in Koha Library Automation Software.





 New collection

The history of the Kaiser Library begins more than 37 years ago. In this period only eleven thousand new books were added into the collection. The new collections are heavily used by students, teachers, government personnel and general public.
Kaiser Library has subscribed forty three titles of newspapers and journals in a year. Number of other titles of periodicals is being received through donation and exchange. Besides there are number of periodicals from Kaiser Shamsher’s collection.
More than 600 valuable manuscripts are bound in cloth and stored on metal cupboards. Most of the manuscripts are written on palm leaves; and some are in Nepali handmade paper; written in various forms of the Newari, Devnagari, Bengali, Maithali and Tibetan scripts. The manuscripts are in different subjects like Buddhism, Tantrism, Hinduism, medicine, Astrology etc. Sushruth Samita (Sahottar Tantra), a manuscript on Vaisjya science is over a thousand years old; it is the first document of Nepal registered in Memory of the World of UNESCO on 18th June, 2013 as Sahottar Tantra (Sushru Samhita) is 1134 years old document. It is an ancient work belonging to the Lichchhavi period.

The Nepal German manuscript cataloguing project(NGMCP) has recently digitized all the manuscripts available in Kaiser Library.

Internal Decoration of the library

Heads of different types of wild animals have been framed of the walls with the use of chemicals so that they do not decay.

The pictures of poets, writers and philosophers are its other features. The well decorated ceilings refer to the ancient art and sculpture. The pictures of battle scenes & weapons have their own attraction inside the library premises.

In the same way different artistic pictures of Rana period game-hunting and beautiful full sized colored pictioure of late Rana Maharajas are also framed of the walls. Similarly, the taxidermies figures of lions, tigers, bisons, deer, and other wild animals have enriched the uniqueness, glamour and beauty of the library.